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This page and the music on it are extremely dated, but I've left the music up for those who are interested. The artist links have been updated, however.

I listen to various genres of music including classical, black metal, death metal, gothic metal, doom metal, speed metal, darkwave, industrial, powernoize, power electronics, harsh noise, and EBM; however, industrial is the primary genre I listen to. My favorite bands include KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, Velvet Acid Christ, Project Pitchfork, Gross National Produkt, yelworC, Tristania, Tool, s.i.n.a, and The Cure.


I just added the new track toxic ear syndrome to the site. My friend, yrm0m, named it. I also added Seknil's Loco Remix of toxic ear syndrome to the site.


Mp3s are encoded at 192kbps and are inside of zip files. You may do whatever you desire with the files - sample, distribute, burn, remix, delete, edit, or whatever else you wish. Please contact me if you remix or sample my work so I may hear what what you create.
Raserei 4:35 4.17 MB
Musikalischer Fehler 5:04 6.75 MB
Vacuum of Death (Featuring Twizted Taboo and Jyro) 5:29 7.05MB
Schmerz (Featuring kR-LiK) 3:52 5.27 MB
Screech 2:57 3.90 MB
Isolation (Featuring Cosma) 4:00 4.71 MB
Cerberus - Flight (Turbulence Mix by digitalized noise) 3:17 4.05 MB
toxic ear syndrome 2:07 2.90 MB


These are remixes other artists have did of my songs.
Isolation (Kryogen Remix by StrYdeR5000) 4:41 4.21 MB
Vacuum of Death (Anomaly Remix by StrYder5000) 5:21 4.73 MB
toxic ear syndrome (Loco Remix by Seknil) 4:12 5.65 MB

Other Artists

Gross National Produkt