Vxcasualty interview: Shadowcaster 08/21/06

[lsdxm.com] What are you working on for your next LSDXM.com release?

[vxcasualty] A sort of first attempt at a concept album. It's called Shadowcaster, and tells a tale of very abstract imagery. Or tries to. It's basically about, in my head, dying at sea and being reborn/washed up on the shores of a strange land, and of the self discovery such a thing entails. Of course the listener is intended to draw their own imagery.

[lsdxm.com] What kind of genres might one try to put this album into?

[vxcasualty] It all follows a psychedelic ambient theme that plays heavily on duality...kind of blurs the line between dark/light and music/noise.

[lsdxm.com] What previous musical experience/training do you have?

[vxcasualty] I've had about 8 years total of classical piano training and theory, and i have played percussion of all kinds for about the same, now. I began exploring electronic music creation on my own a few years ago, and have been working it out for myself since. I've always felt i've had kind of a calling for it.

This new album is definately the fathest departure for me from whatever standards have governed me thus far. It really does not take into consideration any musical rules or guidelines, it simply is a creation of objective sound.

[lsdxm.com] What hardware/software are you creating music with currently?

[vxcasualty] This last album has been created in Reason 3.0, from Propellerhead Software, using some rather experimental mastering techniques. Music has been almost entirely programmed, except for a modicum of MIDI control from the computer's alphanumeric keyboard.

[lsdxm.com] Thanks for sitting through this interview, I look forward to the new album.

[vxcasualty] You're welcome. Shadowcaster should be finished any week now.